How You Can Be Involved

By Remar Sutton

The Trustees of our group are all energetically involved in protecting and expanding the parks here in the BVI. In 1999, for instance, we worked with Mr. Herbert Lee who donated 19.6 irreplaceable acres to the Parks. Shortly thereafter, we worked with Gaby Nitkin in securing the donation of another 18.4 irreplaceable acres at Shark Bay. This area has now been named the Alexander H and Gaby Nitkin Nature Reserve.

Some of our Trustees have taken a personal interest in particular projects. Peter Jennings, for instance, is spearheading our interest in identifying and protecting historic structures throughout the islands. Winthrop Rockefeller is in working to expand the fleet of boats needed by the parks service and the staff needed to run those boats. Lt. Governor Rockefeller donated his own personal inboard to the Parks service this year. George Plimpton has been involved in collecting the oral history of our parks and historic structures. J.C. Pierce and I have been involved in raising marine awareness in the BVI school system.

Our great need right now is funds to purchase and protect key irreplaceable lands now in the hands of private individuals.

For instance, Bar Bay, a 36 acre site, a dramatic expanse of granite promitoryies, sandy beach, and bird refuge, was the site of the first Quaker Experience in the BVI, and hold the remains of Quaker missionaries. The land is available for purchase.

For instance, we need to dramatically expand our Marine Conservation program, which will entail the purchase and maintenance of three more patrol boats. The cost of the boats alone will be over $300,000.

For instance, we need to fund the employment of an experienced marine biologoist to guide the Park’s coral reef monitoring project. The budget for this project is approximately $60,000 per year.

We have many interesting projects, from small to historic. If you have an interest in great beauty and a unique world where you can make a difference, will you contact us?

Remar Sutton, a Governor of the Trustees of the BVI National Parks, USA

J.C. Pierce, President