The Trustees of the British Virgin Islands National Parks, USA

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A Special Opportunity for U.S. Citizens

If you’ve been to the British Virgin Islands, you know this country is truly one of the unique and irreplaceable natural treasures of this world. One of our group’s governors, Walter Cronkite, calls the BVI “God’s gift to humankind.”

The BVI is a very fragile gift to the world, however. That’s why our group needs your help. We are a U.S. 501c(3) corporation dedicated to raising awareness of and funds to support the BVI national parks program.

As an American citizen, you can make many kinds of tax-deductible donations that can

  • help preserve and enhance our existing marine and terrestrial parks,
  • help us acquire historic structures for preservation and restoration
  • assist us in acquiring and protecting other pristine marine and terrestrial properties.

Enjoy this site, and then make a decision tohelp us! You’ll be required, of course, to make a very longvisit to the BVI, if you get involved with our group….

Remar Sutton, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

J.C. Pierce, President

Peter E.M. Williard, Vice-President